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Back row (L to R): Jessica Clark, Caleb Gallagher, Claire Latané, Christina Perrigan, Michael Arriaza, Kimberly Humphries, Gwendolyn Buyze, Kayla Toussant. Front row (L to R): John Holwick, Peyton Brown, Jessica Scatchard. Not pictured: Christany Wilson.

Working with Dr. Susan Fernsebner in a History 297 seminar at the University of Mary Washington we have constructed this website as an introduction to historical voices and events from China’s Taiping Civil War, a conflict that devastated China between 1850-1864. We would like to thank Dr. Tobie Meyer-Fong for generously sharing her time and insights in an interview for our project and Ryan Brazell of UMW’s Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies for all of his support and helpful suggestions on the project in process.


Books (Bibliography and Interview):
Peyton Brown, Caleb Gallagher, Kimberly Humphries, Jessica Scatchard, Christany Wilson

Michael Arriaza, Jessica Clark, John Holwick, Christina Perrigan, Kayla Toussant

Gwendolyn Buyze, Claire Latané